Stellar wind

A stellar wind is a flow of gas ejected from the upper atmosphere of a star. It is distinguished from the bipolar outflows characteristic of young stars by being less collimated, although stellar winds are not generally spherically symmetric.

Different types of stars have different types of stellar winds.

Post-main-sequence stars nearing the ends of their lives often eject large quantities of mass in massive ( \scriptstyle \dot{M} > 10^{-3} solar masses per year), slow (v = 10 km/s) winds. These include red giants and supergiants, and asymptotic giant branch stars. These winds are understood to be driven by radiation pressure on dust condensing in the upper atmosphere of the stars.

Massive stars of types O and B have stellar winds with lower mass loss rates (\scriptstyle \dot{M} < 10^{-6} solar masses per year) but very high velocities (v > 1–2000 km/s). Such winds are driven by radiation pressure on the resonance absorption lines of heavy elements such as carbon and nitrogen. These high-energy stellar winds blow stellar wind bubbles.

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A new understanding of galaxy evolution with NASA's Roman Space Telescope

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for example, their history of star formation, how rapidly they formed stars over time, and how each generation of stars influenced the next through supernova explosions and stellar winds ... mergers to supernova shock waves and galaxy-scale winds powered by supermassive black holes....

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In this image of AG Carinae, the blue demonstrates the contrasting appearance of the distribution of the dust that shines of reflected stellar light ... This dust shines brightly because it reflects the light given off by the star, and it is shaped by stellar winds which are coming from the star as well....