Stellar wind

A stellar wind is a flow of gas ejected from the upper atmosphere of a star. It is distinguished from the bipolar outflows characteristic of young stars by being less collimated, although stellar winds are not generally spherically symmetric.

Different types of stars have different types of stellar winds.

Post-main-sequence stars nearing the ends of their lives often eject large quantities of mass in massive ( \scriptstyle \dot{M} > 10^{-3} solar masses per year), slow (v = 10 km/s) winds. These include red giants and supergiants, and asymptotic giant branch stars. These winds are understood to be driven by radiation pressure on dust condensing in the upper atmosphere of the stars.

Massive stars of types O and B have stellar winds with lower mass loss rates (\scriptstyle \dot{M} < 10^{-6} solar masses per year) but very high velocities (v > 1–2000 km/s). Such winds are driven by radiation pressure on the resonance absorption lines of heavy elements such as carbon and nitrogen. These high-energy stellar winds blow stellar wind bubbles.

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The Hubble Space Telescope has captured a stellar new image that resembles a giant Claude Monet painting in the sky ... They form when either stellar winds or jets of gas are released from these infant stars, creating super fast shockwaves, or outflows, that collide with nearby gas and dust at high speeds....

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While that didn't pan out, something big must have happened to this stellar giant 764 times the size of the sun ... We know from previous observations of Betelgeuse and stars of its ilk that supergiants lose material to space through powerful stellar winds driven by the physical pressure of radiation emitted from their fiercely hot cores....

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Digital Trends 14 Aug 2022
Herbig-Haro objects are luminous regions surrounding newborn stars that form when stellar winds or jets of gas spew from these infant stars creating shockwaves that collide with nearby gas and dust at high speeds,” Hubble scientists ....

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Universe Today 14 Aug 2022
But, what determines its mass and the mass of its siblings in a stellar nursery? Is there some governing force that tells them how massive they’ll be? It turns out that the stars do it for themselves ... They could be clusters of sun-like stars all the way up to groupings of massive stellar behemoths....

Hubble captures ‘celestial clouds’ and red supergiant star emerging from explosion | Science

Swords Today 14 Aug 2022
(See more below) ... They form when the stellar winds, or jets of gas, ejected from these stars create shock waves that collide with gas and dust at very high speeds. “These ejected winds are visible as beautiful curved structures at the top and bottom of this image ... Betelgeuse ... – Photo ... We are observing stellar evolution in real time.”....

PHOTO OF THE DAY: NASA Hubble Space Telescope Captures Celestial Cloudscape in the Orion Nebula

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Herbig-Haro objects are luminous regions surrounding newborn stars that form when stellar winds or jets of gas spew from these infant stars creating shockwaves that collide with nearby gas and dust at high speeds ... the outflows as well as slower-moving currents of stellar material....

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Our venerable and magnificent Sun is the literal center of the Solar System and is vital for life on our planet. In a way, it can be thought of as our creator, keeper, and protector ... Most Popular ... But, on a stellar scale, it is, in and of itself, a minnow of a star ... Rapid stellar winds cause them to shed a significant amount of their mass over time ... ....

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LA Daily News 07 Aug 2022
DEL MAR — Most eyes were on Shedaresthedevil on Saturday at Del Mar to see if the 5-year-old mare could become the first horse to win the $400,000 Grade I Clement Hirsch Stakes in back-to-back years since Stellar Wind in 2016-17....

Scientist apologizes after posting image of star that was actually sausage

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Last month, NASA unveiled other spectacular "first light" pictures from the telescope, showcasing interacting galaxies, the death throes of a doomed star and a stellar nursery where massive young suns are being born, blazing with gale-force solar winds that sculpt vast clouds of gas and dust.Story continues ... .......

Shedaresthedevil Looks for Second Clement L. Hirsch Win

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The Churchill Downs shipper could join Azeri, Zenyatta, and Stellar Wind in an exclusive club ... ....

‘The James Webb Space Telescope takes us to the universe’s origins 13 billion years ago’

The Times of India 29 Jul 2022
Alyssa A. Goodman teaches applied astronomy at Harvard University. Speaking to Srijana Mitra Das at Times Evoke, she discusses the importance of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope mission.. What is the core of your research? ... This is a huge move forward ... The caverns have been carved by UV radiation and stellar winds from huge, hot young stars ... Yes ... Yes ... ....

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