Stellar wind

A stellar wind is a flow of gas ejected from the upper atmosphere of a star. It is distinguished from the bipolar outflows characteristic of young stars by being less collimated, although stellar winds are not generally spherically symmetric.

Different types of stars have different types of stellar winds.

Post-main-sequence stars nearing the ends of their lives often eject large quantities of mass in massive ( \scriptstyle \dot{M} > 10^{-3} solar masses per year), slow (v = 10 km/s) winds. These include red giants and supergiants, and asymptotic giant branch stars. These winds are understood to be driven by radiation pressure on dust condensing in the upper atmosphere of the stars.

Massive stars of types O and B have stellar winds with lower mass loss rates (\scriptstyle \dot{M} < 10^{-6} solar masses per year) but very high velocities (v > 1–2000 km/s). Such winds are driven by radiation pressure on the resonance absorption lines of heavy elements such as carbon and nitrogen. These high-energy stellar winds blow stellar wind bubbles.

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Astronomers have discovered an Earth-like planet just 31 light-years away from us that could host life ... It may have a magnetic field to protect it from charged particles called 'stellar winds' ... This layer of electrical charge on Wolf 1069 b will deflect charged particles fired from nearby stars known as 'stellar winds', protecting and biomolecules ... ....

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A newly discovered exoplanet could be worth searching for signs of life ... In addition, the planet named Wolf 1069 b has an Earth-like mass ... It is even possible that the planet has a magnetic field that protects it from charged stellar wind particles ... The Carmenes team is looking for small periodic frequency shifts in the stellar spectra ... As a result ... D....

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James Webb peers into icy cloud to learn about exoplanet formation

Digital Trends 28 Jan 2023
Here’s . You start off with a star that’s surrounded by a disk of dust and gas. As the star burns and sends out gusts of stellar wind, the dust in the disk begins to interact and form into clumps. These clumps attract more dust, turning into pebbles, and then into rocks, and the gas helps these rocks stick together ... ice ... F ... Related ... .......

The Donut That Used To Be a Star

Universe Today 18 Jan 2023
We’re seeing a stellar wind from the black hole sweeping over the surface that’s being projected towards us at speeds of 20 million miles per hour (three percent the speed of light),” says Maksym ... Image Credit ... X-ray ... TDEs allow astrophysicists to watch as the SMBHs produce winds and turn jets on and off as they consume a star ... More.....

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